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Interesting Facts About Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games all over the globe. It has millions of fans not only in the real casinos as ones in Macau, Las Vegas, and Monaco but also in online variations of this exciting game.
Nowadays more and more people prefer online casinos instead of real gambling establishments. One of the most successful online casinos is Betat Casino. It provides only highest quality and top rated casino games for its clients. But since we mentioned roulette higher, Betat casino has also roulette games. You can find both classic variations of this game and the most unusual roulette games. Multi Wheel Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Double Ball Roulette are among the most popular.
Modern gadgets are developing very fast and they have already received almost equivalent performance as desktop computers and laptops. If you have no time to play roulette on your computer, you can find wonderful mobile roulette. It will give you as much experience and adrenaline as the classic one. And if you would like to have a quick roulette game with fast bets and fast results then mini roulette if definitely for you.
For those who prefer to get more information about a game before to play we prepared wonderful infographic. Find the most interesting facts about roulette and enjoy your game!


Mobile roulette. Enjoy your favorite game on your smartphone!

Nowadays almost everyone have a mobile device, and it is hard to imagine modern life without any smart gadgets. In this regard, manufacturers of online gambling entertainment have started to release not only browser-based games, but also special applications for smartphones and tablets. Mobile roulettte is especially liked by the players all over the web. A significant part of the current gamblers are playing it on their mobile devices.


roulette table

Advantages of mobile roulette

If we are speaking about convenience, mobile roulette can immediately receive five stars. Of course, playing on the computer, enjoying a cup of tea from your favorite mug is also an excellent option, but your computer along with the monitor, unfortunately does not fit to your pocket. To be honest, even with a laptop it is not always and not everywhere comfortable. 


Another advantage is that mobile roulette are made in the form of applications. In other words, when it comes to playing on the phone it does not mean that you have to open a mobile browser, run the game, wait for a long download and eventually see the error. The application is installed separately, has a compact functionality and is loaded in just a couple of seconds.

Disadvantages of mobile roulette


The are bot so many disadvantages of mobile roulette:

- Simpler design;

- Possibility of incorrect work on devices with a large screen resolution;
- Not all types of roulette games are available in the online casino can be accessed as a mobile application;
- Not all mobile roulettes have a free mode and not always it can be accessed without connecting to the Internet.
- The browser version has advanced features unlike the mobile version.


Developers are trying to take into account in subsequent projects or re-releases of existing games all these problems. For example, if you are interested in roulette on a tablet, then pay attention to HD-versions. The graphics is also gradually improved, but this, accordingly, will affect the requirements for the device configurations.


mobile roulette


On which mobile platforms is roulette available?

Mobile roulette for android can be downloaded from both the Play Market and third-party resources, but this is at your own risk. It is best, of course, to download from the market or from the page of a proven online casino. In addition to roulette on Android, there is also an iPhone Roulette, which can be played on different versions of the operating system of iOS both on the iPhone and on the iPad.


Playing Money on Mobile Roulette

The rates in the mobile version of roulette are often not different from the browser version. You do not have to worry on the security and withdrawal of funds, if you have downloaded a game from a reliable source.


The most anticipated movies of 2018. Top 10.

As you already understood from the title, in this post we will try to understand and find out which movies are the most expected by audience all over the world. 2018 will be highly appreciated by comics and graphic novels fans. In this year, we all look forward to the appearance of certain films on the screen, and there are many reasons for this: someone expects to see the adaptation of their favorite book or game, and someone just wants to see movies with their own favorite actors.


There will be a huge number of film premieres in 2018, some of them will frankly disappoint, but others, on the contrary, will bring a lot of positive emotions and powerfull feelings. They will be able to surprise or even inspire you. It is about these films that will be showed in this infographics.


Roulettessgames team tried to gather all the best and highly expected films of 2018 in the order of their release on the screens of cinemas. By the way, it also happens that some film companies, for a number of reasons, transfer the premiere of the film to a later date, and sometimes even the following year.



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